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Why Use a School Placement Consultant? Parents often ask why they can’t just research and apply to schools on their own,  especially with so much information on the internet. They certainly can, and sometimes it  works out fine. At Our Austin City Kids our consultants are parents and educators that have researched and developed  relationships with local and out of state schools.    Families who base the decision of which schools to apply to on old reputations, comments from friends, or solely  on school  marketing materials often end up disappointed. School Placement Consultants are experts on school  choice and can give you the advice and guidance to help your family make the best decision for future education.  Types of School Placements Preschool Placement - Sending a child to school for the very first time is very emotional while searching for a  high-quality preschool can be a nerve-wracking experience. We help parents find and choose a preschool that is a  good personal match, which will foster their child’s cognitive, developmental, physical and social-emotional growth.   Magnet and Charter School Placement - We offer help to parents who are looking at charter schools, which is  increasingly becoming an interest for students. While magnet and charter schools are public schools they vary in  philosophy.  We will work with families to help them understand the differences and explore their options versus  other public schools.   Private School Placement - Navigating the admission process for a private school program can be a daunting  task if parents do not have help. Many private schools have admission directors who can help with this process  but they are affiliated with a specific school. We work independently to provide families with guidance through this  process. Boarding School Placement - We provide help to parents looking for a traditional, co- educational or single  gender boarding school. Many independent private schools have different admission policies. This is a unique  opportunity for these students, to develop socially and academically. We arrange for visiting the schools, as well  as walking parents through the admission process from start to finish.  Schedule Family and Student Tours of Programs - We work directly with schools to arrange tours with  families before making a placement decision. Many times a consultant will ask a family to visit a school before  addressing the placement options. Before each school visit families will be given a list of specific questions to ask  while on a tour plus an evaluation form to fill out once the tour is complete. The evaluation form will help parents  analyze what they see when on a tour and how it translates to meeting or not meeting their best match school  criteria. Educational Testing Referral System - We provide a list of professional education testing services to help  students prepare for private school admission test like the SAT. These facilities can also provide educational  assessments of children to determine Kindergarten readiness and if a child is classified as gifted and talented.  Many of their services include review of school report card, IEP and/or educational assessment. 
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