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I really Don’t Know How She Does It  - The Life of a Mompreneur  A woman in a hustling, bustling city tries desperately to juggle her children, marriage, and business, all while putting  on a happy face and convincing the world she still has her sanity. Sound familiar? Maybe not the hustling and  bustling city but the truth is this could be any woman you know including yourself. In the comedy “I Don’t Know How She Does It” starring Sarah Jessica Parker,  moviegoers get an inside peek into  the life of Kate Reddy (Parker), a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids. From  completing the infamous things to do list, to handling  mommy guilt of missing her kids’ firsts, and the struggle  to keep the spark in her marriage, the movie begs the  question can women do everything: be a mother, a wife  and a businesswoman?   School Choice took the time to meet with some amazing  Austin-area moms who are taking the notion of doing it all  a step further. These momprenuers successfully blend their family and business lives into one, balancing the  requirements of running a business with the demands of  raising her children (and even keeping the romance alive!)  Name: Alice Forgey  Kids: 3 kids (Ages 10, 7, and 2 years)  Local Business: SnugZee Baby Company How she gets everything done: I’m a big list maker and I’m extremely organized. Everything is labeled, everything  is mapped out, everything is planned out on paper. Name: Janine Van Dellen Carpenter  Kids: 3 kids (Ages 17, 15, 3)  Local Business: The Butterfly Garden | An All Outdoor Forest Kindergarten serving children ages 3-6   Her opinion on “Women can do everything”: I think there are so many people who would love to help if they  knew how and that we should take advantage of this in order to have something left ourselves to give to  our families  Name: Kristen Vest Kids: 2 kids (Ages 3 and 18 months)  Local Business: Kristen Vest Photography Advice to aspiring mompreneurs: Take advantage of groups with other momprenuers. It’s great to have a network  of friends who are going down the same path as you. Network, network, network!